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My College Recruit (Demo Page)

Welcome to the My College Recruit Form. This form is provided by the participating colleges and junior colleges. The purpose of this form is to help colleges profile potential new athletes by having potential new athletes submit information via our form. The potential new athlete would enter all of there information and then click the submit button. Please note, at this time, all information must be entered as we don't want partial information and the athlete doesn't want to submit partial information. Here is what the athlete needs in order to complete the form. 
- Select the college or junior college you would like to provide your information. 
- First Name, Last Name
- Contact information (cell phone, email, physical home address)
- Profile Photos
- Links to social media accounts
- Current school you are attending (i.e. High School or Junior College)
- Grand Point Average (GPA)
- Standardized Test Results (Verification up to universities
- Resume (What have do you done? Do you have high school awards? Do you have academic awards?)
- Interest and hobbies 
- Have you received offers from other schools
- Tell us more about yourself

Once you have this information ready and saved on your computer, you may now enter the information in the form below. If you have any questions or need any help, please email

La Tech-My College Recruit
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Thanks for submitting!

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