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For over 30 years, we have been helping small businesses, large companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies reach their goals. The needs of our clients have allowed us to provide services throughout the United States. 

Our "Process" for providing a solution to your problem is:

1. Meet with you to identify, review and document your needs.


2. Based on the needs, determine the resources (i.e. staff, software, etc,) to be dedicated to provide the solution. 

3. Develop a plan for implementing the solution.

4. Implement the plan.


We specialize in:

Advisory Services
General Accounting

Financial Reporting


Business Process Engineering

System Integration

Custom Programming

Data Warehouse

Business Intelligence Reporting

Website Development

SEO Management & Web Services

Business Development

Outsourced Payroll

Outsourced Human Resource Services

Employee Arrest Monitoring Services

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Technology Background includes but not limited to:


Computerworld Smithsonian Award - Honorable Mention - Louisiana Worker's Compensation Corporation

Computerworld Smithsonian Award - Recognition - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

Computerworld Heroes Award - Louisiana Department of Social Services

Current/Prior Clients

U. S. Department of Defense

Buffalo Trace/Sazerac

Gateway Pharmaceuticals

Herold's North 


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana


American Bar Association

City of Hope Hospital

University View Academy

Urgent Medical Info

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Cypress Concierge 

Bruce Foods

Dalco Pumps & Equipment

Mac’s Sausage

Saltwater Seduction

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